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    Unfortunately, fragile items are sometimes damaged during shipping.

    We ask that you report the receipt of a damaged item to customer service within 48 hours of delivery and that you do not discard the damaged item and its packaging. If you fail to report damages within this time frame, we are not able to file a claim with the carrier; which means Curated by Reaching Quiet cannot accept responsibility for the damages.

    Once you notify us that your product was damaged, Curated by Reaching Quiet will file a claim with the shipper. These claims typically take 8-10 business days to process. Please do not discard the damaged product or the packaging during this time. The shipper will typically be dispatched to pick up the item for inspection and processing. We ask that you assist us in this process by ensuring the item is available for pick-up at the scheduled date and time.

    In most cases, we can order a replacement item at no cost to you as soon as the damaged item has been picked up. However, the claim is still considered outstanding and could result in a charge for the replacement item depending on the outcome of the claim. Replacements are subject to availability.

    Curated by Reaching Quiet is not responsible for reimbursement of any labor costs or project delays that may occur due to the receipt of damaged goods. We always recommend that you wait to schedule installation of any items until after your fixture has arrived and been inspected.

    Please contact us at 704-377-6304 if you have any questions.