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  • I.D. Ish By D’O Plate (Set of 4)

    I.D.Ish by D'O is the first collection in the new Kartell tables line endorsed by celebrity chef Davide Oldani, exploring a modern take on both form and function, and where the container highlights the contents to enhance the very essence of food. A defining feature of this collection is the embossed stamp on the edge of the plate, reflecting the chef's particular vision of cuisine,in which everything revolves around the act of serving food. It is light yet distinctive to combine practicality with an imaginative and unique style. This collection of plates comes in four models, each referencing one of the four seasons (Flat SUMMER plate, classic flat-bottomed SPRING plate, flat-bottomed Oldani WINTER plate, angled AUTUMN plate).

    Each Plate sold as a set of 4

    Dimensions: Autumn: Diameter: 10 1/4" Height: 3 3/8"

    Height:  9 cm
    Diameter:  26 cm
    Unit weight:  0.3 kg
    Spring: Diameter: 10 1/4" Height: 1 3/8"
    Height:  3,6 cm
    Diameter:  26 cm
    Unit weight:  0.28 kg
    Summer: Diameter: 10 1/4", Height: 3/4" 
    Height:  1,7 cm
    Diameter:  26 cm
    Unit weight:  0.275 kg
    Winter: Diameter: 9 5/8" x 7 7/8" Height 2 1/8"
    Width:  25 cm
    Depth:  20 cm
    Height:  5,3 cm
    Unit weight:  1.3 kg