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  • DODO PAVONE by Moooi

    A soft nest of silky feathers invites you to dive into this carpet inspired by the Dodo Pavone, one of the friendliest animals that used to live on our planet. The pattern’s composition is a harmonious blend of silvery, beige, pink & white plumes and feathers with different textures. 

    The rug encloses a sumptuous world. Like the Dodo Pavone’s tail, it reminds us of a fluffy pompom.

     Extinct Animal Collection

    A collection of 12 beautiful carpets bring some Extinct animals back into our lives, untamed and beautiful.

    Dimensions Small: 250 cm, 98.4"

    Large: 350 cm, 137.8

    Care and Cleaning

    Polyamide Action Backing

    Polyamide Felt Backing Spec Sheet

    Wool Spec Sheet

    Soft Yarn Spec Sheet

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