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    Exotic Damier is part of the Contemporary Collection.

    All Wall & decò products are custom. The graphics are sized to your wall, which is amazing.  Just enter your wall dimensions below, add to your cart and checkout!  We'll do the rest.  Most orders take 3-4 weeks for delivery. 

    Wall&decò was born from an intuition of Christian Benini, founder and creative director of the brand, originally advertising photographer: in reproducing huge green leaves as wall background sheets for his sets, did not imagine that those reproductions would have changed his life.

    The suggestive graphics used as backdrops for photographic assignments immediately attracted the attention of designers and architects. Settings became an expression of wall design where ideas sparked proposals for one of a kind living environments.

    Over the years Wall&decò product range is expanded and two innovative systems with a visually high impact and great technical value are added: OUT SYSTEM, the wall covering system for external walls and facades and WET SYSTEM, the wall covering system for damp spaces like bathrooms and shower rooms.

    The growth recorded over the years has never changed the artisan vocation for a one-of-a-kind product, made to measure and conceived according to a purely Italian taste able to provide every customer, from the well- known professional to the pure passionate, with constantly new decorating solutions.

    Designed by RAW. Priced by the square meter.

    WDEX1601-Area (L×W) 1.03sq m-Item.no-3