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    FLOS introduces Gaku, a creative, bold modular light set in an open ash frame by acclaimed design studio Nendo. A world of options opens up inside and outside the natural- or black-stained frame, where lighting components and accessories can be customized to tailor this floor or table lamp to one’s needs. Gaku’s corded power supply comes with an USB outlet and interchangeable plugs.

    Five add-on accessories—a bowl, vase, key bowl, bookend, and mirror—adorn the basic structure of the lamp while turning the piece into a do-it-all tool for the home. Add the perfect accessories to the FLOS Gaku lamp. The first accessory is on us. Shop Gaku lamp accessories here.

    Gaku by Nendo is available in two styles:

    • WIRE: The wire model features a small white or black polycarbonate pendant light suspended inside the frame. The pendant's height can be adjusted and the brightness is modified through a push-button dimmer switch on the power cord.
    • WIRELESS: This design integrates an induction charger in the frame that powers a lamp through non-contact charging. The portable luminary can be moved to provide light wherever needed. Featuring four levels of brightness controlled through a dimmer switch on the light fitting, the fixture can operate for six to 48 hours autonomously. A battery indicator light shows when it needs to be recharged.

    Inspiration Behind the Design: When he sets out on a project, designer Oki Sato aims to create what’s never been created before. “I wish to design something that I can’t think of,” the principal of Japanese studio Nendo says. “If I can already imagine it, then it is less exciting for me.” In his quest to challenge himself, Sato dreams up innovative products and spaces across sectors that push the boundaries of design.

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