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    Plants are rich in scents that seduce and dazzle. Over the past century, a great many plants and flowers went into extinction. Luckily our adventurers from days past collected the most extraordinary plants and flowers during their travels. From the snowy Japanese mountains to the otherworldly sand dunes of modern-day Death Valley. Hypnotised and enthralled as they were, our adventurers simply had to take nature’s works of art with them on their journey. After drawing them in all their glory, they preserved them in glass vials or pressed them between the pages of their notebooks. Some plants were so big they had to be transported on carts and boats.

    The flora eventually found its way into the laboratories of the early day perfumers. To be extracted and preserved. Unfortunately, during those days the perfuming craze was at its height, and anything that smelled interesting was extracted, bottled and hastily put away in archives. This caused many scents to be forgotten as time passed on, never to be found. Alas, they were lost forever. Or were they? Digging through scent archives all over the world, in museums and universities, the scents of those extinct plants were miraculously found and collected once again. Aromas from creamy looking flowers that would pop open with a loud sizzle found in what is now the state of California to African jungle ferns as tall as a house, enveloping you in a green sanctuary.

    Even though most extinct plants will never return, their scents will forever seduce and hypnotise. Tickle our imagination. The Moooi Home Fragrance collection consists of room sprays and reed diffusers and is made from natural ingredients.

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