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  • Noctambule with Bowl Shade LED Dimmable Pendant Light

    Noctambule LED dimmable pendant light with bowl shade, created by renowned designer Konstantin Grcic for FLOS, is an innovative lighting system that comes in an array of artful designs. A transparent hand-blown glass cylinder, surrounded on both top and bottom by discrete LED technology, is the foundation of this product. The fixtures built from these units form columns of light at varying heights that illuminate at the intersection between each module.

    Configurable as a hanging or standing lamp, Noctambule pendant lamp features additional components that allow for numerous options. The cylindrical body is available at a low and high height, and a dome- or cone-shaped head can be selected if a more direct light source is desired. Dimming capabilities can be configured in the power supply unit within the ceiling rose, or as a pedal panel on the power cord.

    Inspiration behind the design: Inspired by night owls, Noctambule features a transparent body that almost blends into a room when unlit, but makes its presence known when it illuminates at night.

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    1 Low Cylinder & Bowl

    2 Low Cylinder & Bowl

    3 Low Cylinder & Bowl

    4 Low Cylinder & Bowl


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