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  • Raimond II Tensegrity Floor Lamp

    Inspired by the principle of “tensegrity” (tensional integrity; floating compression), Raimond Tensegrity embodies a perfect balance between push & pull forces. A giant LED sphere appears to hover above its aerial wood stand with ethereal grace. It was a dream of its designer that it may stand in a space where people might marvel at this sparkling wonder, reach out for the stars & wow!

    Dimensions: R61cu (small): 61cm/24"w x 80cm/31.5"h

    R89 cu (large): 89 cm/35"w x 113cm/44.5"h

     Manufacturer's Spec Sheet.

    Suitable for the US market but not cULus listed. The intricate spheres of Raimond transport the electrical current.


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