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  • Tight Light - LED Wall Sconce Lamp

    Designed by Piero Lissoni in 2011, the Tight Light plays on the perspective of size with outstanding results. The main body of this wall lamp is made of white painted extruded aluminum. The lateral friezes are die-cast aluminum and have been rotated to 45-degrees using digital control in order to flow seamlessly with the lights body. The injection-printed PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) diffusers have a photo-engraved finish and the attachment is PA66. The junction box is covered with a back plate. The profile is shaped like the letter "T" for "Tight Light.”

    The Tight Light offers indirect light. It is non-dimmable.

    Inspiration behind the design:

    As he designed the Long Light and the Tight Light, Piero Lissoni considered both the smallness and the magnificence of the universe. His design is the epitome of purity and minimalism.


    Height: 5.11"

    Width: 6.29"

    Depth: 3.93"

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